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2016-12-19 17:59:35 by xXLocoXx

Ayyyy!!! Just got FL Studio! New and MUCH better music coming soon! I'm already working on one, and I'm really starting to get the hang of some of the options in FL Studios. Much easier to learn then LMMS was. Learnt more from FL in a day than I did for a year of LMMS! Get ready for some new songs! :D



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2016-12-19 20:25:06

Yaaaayy! Excited to see some animation

xXLocoXx responds:

Thanks! Although I am going to make music, not animations. Or do you mean more "animated music"? Whatever, thanks anyways! Hope to see you check out my music in the future. ;)


2016-12-21 00:31:32

I'm pretty sure you'll get your music in an Animation or two ;)

xXLocoXx responds:

Oh, ok. Thanks! :D